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G4 DTG - Direct to Garment Inks

The right ink for your application does make all the difference

A Better Ink

We understand that it is imperative for fashion, promotional and production printers to provide great colour, wash fastness with a superior hand. We understand that price and performance is critical as well to your ongoing success. And this all starts with superior print head reliability, repeatable colours batch after batch and less maintenance downtime from a better ink with prices matched to your market requirement – the new DTG Digital® G4 ink simply excels.

Print More

DTG Digital® have a history of pioneering ink for well over a decade in DTG printers and the all new G4 ink was developed for DTG printers to do far more when compared to other inks in the market. The DTG Digital® G4 ink has less white ink settling, typically higher viscosity and surface tensions enabling continual repeatable prints. There’s less air in the ink delivery to nozzle plates, so you get more printing without the maintenance levels currently seen in the market.

  • Less white ink settling

  • Higher viscosity for continued ink delivery to the nozzle plate

  • No dye migration in heat setting

  • Lower cure times

  • Flexible bulk pricing structure

  • Less machine maintenance needed

  • Supported with 2 pre-treat formulations

  • Better consistent colours batch to batch

  • Latex derivative formulation

  • Superior washfastness

  • And a great hand

Great Colors

Great colours consistently, our DTG Digital® G4 ink delivers all common colour gamuts required for correct colour matching. A unique formulation with latex derivatives provides stretch and a non cracking formulation that is consistent in colour and reliability over extended batch manufacturing. Typically the DTG Digital® G4 inks are superior in colour as they do not fade in curing as most common pigment textile inks - it’s a great ink.

Available in degassed 200mL cartridges.

Our Pre-Treats

The G4 DTG pre-treats are an amazing way to increase wash fastness, optical brightness and generally lower the amount of ink needed in production – this ensures faster process times by reducing the dpi resolutions  needed while printing, so you need a lot less ink to get truly bright colors, opaque white layers, and reduced saturation bleeding. They leave little if any hand and do not require any pre or post washing process.

Light Cotton/Light Polyester and ALL blends

DTG G4 Light pre-treat is designed to create a dye disperse effect to the fibres in fabric with superior adhesion. This is achieved because of the latex derivatives within the binder solution so that pigment particles actually adhere to the fibre strands of cellulose or synthetic fabrics very similar to a dye ink. Inks are not held up on the surface which is common for most pigment ink sets but allow penetration within the fabric. Simply put the G4 DTG Light pre-treat formulation enhances print quality with amazing colors. Edge detail or image sharpness is drastically increased along with wash fastness by a factor of up to 3x. The DTG G4 Light formulation will work for all common DTG style printers. Available in 2, 5 and 20 liter barrels. Cure with tunnel or press. The images below on poly and cotton are typical print results with DTG G4 Light formulation pre-treat.

Dark Cotton Pretreat (for white inks)

The DTG G4 Dark cotton pre-treat is a low cost coating agent designed for white ink printing. Properties within the pre-treat are designed to work with DTG G4 white inks and offer residue free coating that is stain free and less toxic than previous pre-treats. Even soft bamboo fabrics retain their pliable and soft hand characteristics. Images remain sharp, vibrant and crisp and edge definition is drastically increased. The dark cotton pre-treat formula is reduced 50% with water in your spray gun or pre-treat machine and when applied there is no wicking, crystallization or staining. Smaller amounts are needed to cover the printed area and this cost reduction alone is favorable with printers. The dark cotton pre-treat is more forgiving in the entire pre treat process making it extremely easy to apply. Garments can also be pre treated and post cured prior to printing (up to 1 week). The dark cotton pre-treat will work with all current brands of DTG inks that are pigment based. Available in 2, 5 and 20 liter barrels. Cure with tunnel or press.

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