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PrintALL Digital Transfer

Bags, compendiums, caps, shopping totes, rainwear, umbrellas, apparel and loads more

Based around the traditional process of a heat applied transfer, PrintAll is at the forefront of new technology. Utilizing a unique sheet fed servo driven vinyl cutter with contour cut enabled camera registration you can go from print to press on a wide range of fabrics both synthetic and natural fibres with ultra low energy transfers whilst delivering far superior results than what has been seen before. The transfer media is designed for DTG pigmented inks so you are assured the very best in quality and colour.

DTG PrintALL Digital Transfer for everything you can’t print direct the PA16 opens up a whole new world of markets.

DTG Digital PrintAll… What is it?

Take your DTG business to new heights – add the ultimate in flexibility – expand into markets that you simply can’t print direct. Lets face it, you own a DTG to make money by producing superior prints for your customers – this is all enabled by using the very latest in ink technology – water based textile pigmented inks. Now – imagine a low energy transfer paper designed to work with your DTG inks so you can now decorate all the products that a DTG cannot – those hard to load items can now benefit from the same ink technology. Open up a tremendous opportunity with a vast range of products, simply and at a very low cost - in fact its only a fraction.

So what’s so unique?

Here are a few key points that detail why PrintAll is miles ahead of any transfer techniques currently available in todays market and the ultimate add on to your DTG G4 apparel printer.

Colour Vibrancy

Compare a PrintAll print side by side to a normal digital transfer to see the difference this new technology can make in terms of colour accuracy and vibrancy. Smooth gradients, pixel sharp photographic images, closer matched Pantone colours as standard. These are the key benefits of the PrintAll process. Add to this the industries BEST wash fastness and UV resistance because you are using water based textile pigmented inks – inks and transfer media actually designed for rigorous use.

Easy to Use

The DTG G4 printer comes standard with a vacuum platen for all direct prints. This vacuum platen was also designed for transfer media to be printed without masking or gluing on the bed of your DTG. Once printed the registration mark camera on the PA16 cutter reads these marks and contour cuts the image. All you need to do now is place the cut out transfer image onto your product and with a quick heat press your done! The cutting speed of the PA16 cutter is super fast allowing for transfers to be pre-cut in volume as the PA16 cutter is unique in that it is designed for cut sheet media processing.

DTG PrintAll v’s Vinyl & 2 Step Toner Transfers


When printing a logo containing multiple colours, PrintAll is the most cost effective process to produce a logo or design hands down. With a no MOQ and ultra low cost, PrintAll provides distributors with the peace of mind knowing that any logo can be reproduced in full colour and detail, with no compromises and for a fraction of any other transfer costs in the industry.

Feels great!

Run your hands across a DTG PrintAll print and you will instantly feel the difference. Once applied to a product, the PrintAll print has no raised edge or thick texture to it like other types of printing. The hand feel of a PrintAll print feels more like a direct print than a traditional transfer. And because PrintAll uses pigmented water based inks – it gives an incredibly strong bond to any surface while delivering a superior wash, rub and UV resistance.

It’s Fast

Traditional transfers, including 2 step papers are really designed for runs in low numbers – purely because it’s such a slow process equating to many minutes per design and costing many dollars per image. The PrintAll process can generate up to 50 transfers in minutes which equates to thousands per shift at a fraction of the cost. Typically you add only a few cents to your standard ink cost – its fast, and by far the cheapest Industrial transfer that delivers superior wash, rub and UV resistance to all fabric from vinyl, leather, polyester, cotton, canvas etc.



Something that is rapidly becoming more sought after by corporations around the world, is the assurance that the products they buy to represent their brand, are not produced with harmful consequences to the environment, their customers or themselves.

DTG PrintAll is produced with the very latest DTG printing equipment and ink technology with materials specifically sourced and implemented, to provide a safe and sustainable printing option for our planet and local environment.

PrintAll examples

PrintAll is a new generation print and transfer process from DTG Digital that has been developed to withstand the rigours of constant use. With zero set up costs regardless of how many colours are in the print, PrintAll is a revolutionary cost-effective step forward when it comes to printing. It’s the ultimate for minimal production costs, designed for commercial volume applications and very similar in practicality of a DTG Direct print with no setups and digitally produced with no MOQ.

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